Seized Missionary Released Unharmed

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Protection, Provision

Seized Missionary Released Unharmed. Five car thieves seized a Speed the Light vehicle driven by U.S. Assemblies of God missionary Lance Hines at gunpoint September 9. The incident occurred after Hines transported Bible School students to their homes following a church service in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

Taking Hines hostage, the carjackers drove around Lusaka for 45 minutes. “The Lord gave me grace,” says Hines, who has been in Zambia since July. He is grateful that his wife, Mindy, and three children weren’t with him.

“I thought I was dreaming,” he says. “But when I saw the AK-47 in my face and 9 mm pistols on both sides, I knew it was for real.”

Surprised at Hines’ calm demeanour, the thieves asked why he wasn’t nervous and upset. After Hines explained that as a Christian he sensed God’s presence, the abductors mocked him. Undaunted, Hines continued to witness to his adversaries, and by the end of the ride they were listening to Christian music in the Nyanja language. When Hines was released 15 miles out of the city, the thieves asked him for prayer.

Hines asked the carjackers for some of the money that they had stolen from him so he could return to Lusaka. They gave him $9. Hines contacted his wife, who called a taxi to pick him up. “God definitely gave me grace right when I needed it,” he says. “He took care of me the whole time.”

The car has not been recovered. Hines’ abduction was one of five in Lusaka that night. One person was shot and killed.

Paul Fritz (Received on Friday September 21, 2001)


Seized Missionary Released Unharmed