Seeing the Light

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Healing, Light, Salvation, Witnessing

What would you do if you were Bob and saw the light that he never had seen Before. Would you try to find it or would you ignore it?

It was an early night when a man named Bob woke up out of bed and got ready for the day, and like his every day habit, he got up and prepared to go for his morning walk. But this day was a very different day. As he stepped out of his door and started walking down the street, he noticed something that at the time looked sort of strange because he never seen anything like it before. As he was walking, he saw a light shining very brightly. It caught his eye because he realized it was not the sun. So, he asked himself, “If it’s not the sun, where is this light coming from?”

So, he decided to go and find out where it was coming from. He turned down a street where he thought the light might have been coming from, but soon as he turned down that street, it got dark and hot. All he could see were fighting and drugs. So he left that street because he realized that was not the right street to the light for which he was searching. So he turned down another street, and he could still see the light but he did not look like he was getting any closer to it. Then all of a sudden, a man appeared and said: “Sir, can I ask you what you are looking for?” Bob answered, “I am looking for this light that I saw, but I can’t find it. Each time I think I am going down the right street, I never get any closer to it. I don’t understand where it is. I know it’s not the sun, but I just cannot find it.”

Then the man looked at Bob and asked him, “Do you know Jesus?” Bob replied, “Yeah, I know who Jesus is, but what does that have to do with the light that I am looking for?” The man said so you know who Jesus is, but do you really know him?” Then Bob looked at him and said, “What do you mean? I have heard of him my whole life. My mother took me to church every Sunday morning when I was a kid.” Then the man asked Bob, “Do you have a relationship with Jesus?” Bob looked at the man with confusion in his eyes, so the man realized that he did not have a relationship with Jesus. He told Bob that Jesus had allowed him to see a glimpse of that light he was looking for. Jesus allowed him to see it so he would want to find it.

The man further explained to Bob that God was now opening the door for him to find that light, but he must ask Jesus to come into his life and save him and forgive him for his sins. Then he will see that light. Then Bob replied, “That’s it? The man said yes. “OK, well, I guess I can do that.” What would it hurt? So Bob asked Jesus to come into his heart and save him and to forgive him. And then he felt a peace that he had never known before. After he asked Jesus to come into his heart, he turned and saw a big truck coming down the corner where he was standing. The truck was coming right toward him, and then all he could see was the light that he was looking for. He did not feel any pain; all he could see was the light. He heard the fire truck and ambulances and the people standing around him talking, but he felt no pain. But before the paramedics arrived on the scene, he already had stopped breathing. Then Bob’s spirit left his body, and all he could see was this light shining over him.

Then Bob heard this voice say, “Bob.” Then he looked up and saw the face of Jesus where the light was coming from. Then Jesus said to Bob, “Oh, my child, you have found the light that you where looking for.” Bob said, “Jesus!” “Yes, it’s me, Jesus.” And Bob fell to his feet crying out to God and said, “Oh Lord, thank you for saving me.” Then Jesus said, “It’s time.” Bob looked at Jesus and said, “What do you mean?” “It’s time for you to go back.” Bob said “go back to where?” “I prepared that light that you saw; it was an angel. I knew if you saw a glimpse of the light, you would search for it, and I sent that man with whom you were talking and told you that the only way to reach that light was by asking me into your heart. I knew that there was going to be an accident. The devil has been trying to destroy you, because I have great plans for your life. When you asked me to forgive you and to come into your heart, I did. Then the truck came and hit you, but I saved you and now its time for you to go back and to tell everyone what has happened to you. Your testimony will change lives all over the world. Now its time to go back”! Bob looked at Jesus and said, “Oh Lord, it’s so beautiful up here, I don’t want to leave, but Lord I know you are going to use me, so I will.” Jesus’ last words to bob were, “I love you, my child, and we will meet here again at the same spot when your mission is over. Now go, and I will be with you.”

Bob woke up in the ER after being out for 10 minutes. The doctors already thought he was dead, until he stood up out of bed and said, “I found the light!” And the doctors and nurses said, “What light?” Bob told them, “I found the light of Jesus Christ; he saved me, and now he wants to save you!”

Christi S Slaughter


Seeing the Light