Rowing, Rowing and Rowing

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Bondage, Freedom

I remember reading once about an old farmer who enjoyed drinking “moonshine,” and every so often he would go up into a remote area of the mountains where there was a liquor still, and get him a gallon. The only way to get there was to go across an enormously wide creek, then walk two to three miles back into the woods, a trip that not too many revenue agents would want to take.

On this particular time, it had been raining for days, and the creek had swollen out of its banks. So, after getting into his boat, and rowing across, he tied the boat to the trunk of a tree, and made his way up the mountainside. He got himself a gallon, and started drinking it while talking to the guys at the still. After consuming about half of it, he decided it was time to get back home. Eventually, he got to the boat, he got in and started rowing, and he rowed and rowed and rowed nearly all night long. Saying to himself “Man, these waters must have really swollen since I’ve been gone.” Still rowing till daybreak, in frustration, he finally realized the reason he was not getting anywhere was because, he had not untied the boat from the tree!

Does this tell us something about Israel, and perhaps a possible reason for us not being able to make any progress on our “WILDERNESS JOURNEY?” Israel had not really cut loose from their past. They still held fond memories of some good times in Egypt! This was manifested in the very essence of them worshipping the golden calf!

Remember, to get God’s best, we must give Him our best! Israel never did that, and this could be the source for many of God’s children today having so many difficulties in trusting God to furnish a table in their wilderness!

So many go through life struggling to just keep their heads above water. They row and row and row, not stopping to realize, the very root of their problems is, they haven ‘t untied from the trees of their past! God will not play “second fiddle” to anyone, or anything! He is either first and foremost in our lives, or He will be nothing at all. The decision is entirely left up to us!

Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins, With Permission, God Will Provide! P. 109 – 111.

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Rowing, Rowing and Rowing