Officer Angel

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Angels, Testimony

I arrived at the church early today, in preparation for giving my testimony on my former drug abuse. I brought literature about hepatitis and pamphlets about the disease and what to avoid so as not to contract the disease. The DARE Officer “Jim Angel” was busy setting up his display opposite mine and we re introduced ourselves. We noticed the church was not filling up. Some members of my church were there and some from Emmanuel were there as well. There were no young people in the crowd but we decided to go on with the testimony anyway.

We had an opening prayer and sang a hymn and then my son got up to introduce me. I began by saying how sad it was that no young people came to hear the testimony God had called upon me to give, but I was thankful for the crowd we had and I was determined not to let Satan bring me down. I vowed I would get my message out to the people and that God would see me through it to find a way to try again. I gave my testimony but cut it short.

Then Officer Angel got up and made his speech. He awed the crowd in many ways. He told a true story about many years ago when he pulled up behind a car that was parked on a 4 lane road with no on street parking. He got out to investigate. He walked up to the car and as he looked inside, he saw an elderly couple with their heads bowed. He knocked on the glass as if to awaken them. It was bitter cold out that night and he was concerned that they may have had hypothermia. The woman raised her head and rolled down the window. She told him she was praying for God to send an angel to rescue them. As she was talking, the street light reflected off his badge and she saw it said “Officer Jim Angel.” She was so shocked as was her husband. He asked her to raise the hood to see if he could find a problem he could fix and he noticed a loose battery cable. He tightened it up and she was able to start her car. They thanked him and went on their way.

A few years later, Officer Angel was working security at Wal-Mart and she was coming out the door and she asked if her remembered her. He said he was sorry but he had met so many people, he didn’t recognize her. She told about the story of her being broken down with her husband on that cold winter night and he recalled it. She told him that her husband was struggling with his faith at the time but that night changed his life, he got saved that night. She told him that her husband had passed on a few years back but she was thankful to Officer Angel because that night was what made a believer out of him and she knew her husband was in heaven. Oh, how that story touched us all!

He was standing next to the flag of the USA and he stretched it out and began to tell the story of how Betsy Ross made the first flag and he asked if anyone knew what the red stripe stood for and I said “The Blood” and he said you are right and the white stands for the cleansing of the blood that washed us white as snow. Officer Angel really made the whole day worth it. His stories marveled us and made us laugh and cry. I asked him at the end of the service if I might be able to work with him some day and he said he was sure he could use me in specific areas and he would be in touch. Another door the Lord has opened for me.

As the service came to an end, a pastor came to speak to me about a program he works in where they take troubled kids and put them in a program instead of jail. If they are willing to complete the program, they do not have to serve jail time. He has every 3rd Thursday of each month and he is going to see if I can take one of his days to give my testimony to those kids. Another door the Lord has opened up for me!

Then my pastor handed me my prison outreach mail from women inmates who are in a local reformatory. The one lady I had been writing to (her name was given to me by a prison minister named Don Reed). She said that their church program welcomed people like me to come to the reformatory to give testimony! She said she will speak to Don Reed about the possibility of me giving my testimony there! Another door the Lord has opened up for me! When I began my testimony I said I refused to let Satan stop me from trying and the good Lord heard me and gave me several opportunities! What an awesome God we serve!

Officer Angel said anytime I needed him to help, he would work with me to make a date we could both agree on. He is willing to try again too! Thank God for sending an angel into my life today! I feel so blessed. I pray that I can continue to serve God by giving my testimony to many people who need to hear my message. Thank you for all your prayers and support. May the Lord continue to bless you for all you do in His name.

Peace in Prayer, Viki Medley (Received on November 4, 2001)


Officer Angel