No Gas

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Provision, Testimony

Hi everyone and Praise The Lord. Just try to figure this out. The gas company said they were turning off the gas at the Mercy center. And the boiler would not come on . We were pretty cold. All of us kept our coats on. Wednesdays Bible study was a real challenge. The rest of the week was uncomfortable to say the least. Sunday Morning we just turned up the thermostat again, for about the tenth time, not really expecting anything to happen, but just hoping it would, and it did. The boiler came on. There was no one around to light the pilot lights. There was no one to see what was going on. No one but God. I don’t know how God turned on the gas nor how he lit the pilot lights But I for one am not going to question it and I am certainly praising the Lord! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen! This really happened and there are several witnesses to confirm it. WOW! When God dose things, He dose it right! Praising the Lord,

Rev. Sandra (Received on Wednesday November 21, 2001)


No Gas