New Life

by | Jun 3, 1999 | New Life, Poem

The Book says that we’re made from dust
And back to dirt must go.
When life is ended here on earth
For all men, high or low.   

But You can take this pile of dust
And make it into clay
From which to form a masterpiece.
I give you leave, today.   

Take Your Living Water, Lord
Stir it with my dust  
To form a ball of modeling clay
You can expertly adjust.   

Breathe the life within it, Lord,
That only You can give. 
The life that lasts eternally
With no sins to forgive.   

The Book says You’re the potter, Lord,
So that makes me the clay.
Mold me in Your image, Lord. 
May You begin today!

Copyright September 2002 Sharon Warden


New Life