Lord, I Lift Your Name on High

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My grandson Matthew was hit by a drunk driver last January . He was hit right in front of our house .We live in the country ,so there is never alot of traffic. We were just sitting down to eat when my son– in – law ran in our house screaming .My husband and I ran out to the road and there was our 5yr.old grandson , MATTHEW laying lifeless in the road .He was not breathing and showed no signs of life. Even as Ministers ,this was a very hard trial to have to walk thru ..As soon as I seen Matthew laying there i just lost it .Within seconds we both stormed the heavens for our little grandson .i got on the phone and began to call my parents and all the prayer warriors we knew. It took the ambulance 30 min, or more to get there.

My husband immediately began to talk to Matthew. Matthew’s favorite song from church was ,Lord I lift your name on high. My husband told Matthew ,lets sing your favorite song to Jesus together .Matthew lay lifeless ….After about the 4th time on the song Matthew began to breathe and spit up blood and cry .There were about 15 neighbors formed around my husband ,my son , and Matthew and they were holding hands and praying for a miracle.

Matthews mom was not there so I road in the ambulance with him .He was in bad bad shape!! I prayed all the way ….

His mom ,my daughter was shopping and someone had to go find her .Today i thank God that she was not there .It was very hard to be there at the scene.

He was immediately taken to surgery then I.C.U. He had a broken leg ,broken arm , shattered elbow , a hole in his liver ,his lungs were damaged He had two areas of brain damage ..cuts and bruises everywhere ..he flew 50 ft. In the air on impact. For 2 weeks he laid in the hospital in i.c.u unable to do anything ,but lay there and scream. They didn’t even think he was aware that anyone was in the room. He was paralyzed on his whole right side ., They didn’t even know if he was aware of his surroundings. We prayed and prayed and prayed. The church and friends came and went.

One Sunday morning a visiting minister whom we knew had been invited to preach at our church …He didn’t know about our GRANDSON ,when we told him how bad he was he said this message is for you …

His message was keep marching forward, no matter how bad it looks keep praising God ..he said god is god in good times and bad and he wanted our praises always ( ….Matthew had been in the hospital 3 weeks ,with no response to anyone at all ,),,this minister prophesied to me and my husband…he said to praise god no matter what it looked like and if we did , from this day forward Matthew would come back to us ….he said everyday my daughter would call us with good news from the hospital ..it was as though god himself was right there talking to us .we were filled up and energized from that moment on and god told us thru that minister that Matthew was healed ….He began to praise god and sing to the lord ….we both knew that god had just used this man to minister to us.

The next morning my daughter called me at work to tell me that Matthew was nodding yes and no answers for the doctors .They would ask him something and he was answering correct by shaking his head yes or no ….The next day she called to say that Matthew was following her movements with his eyes now. The next day he was moving his right arm that had been paralyzed …….The next day was the best …She had went home to bathe and the phone rang and when she answered it ,Matthew was on the other end saying mommy this is Matthew and i just called to say I love you ……..we were all in tears ..for God had given us an awesome miracle ……he continued to get better every day …he had to learn to walk and talk and eat and go to the bathroom all over again, but praise god he has done just that …he was in a wheelchair for 3 months because of his broken leg and arm…today ,only because of the all mighty hand of god Matthew is totally restored .. He is back in school and back to normal.

We give God and only God allllllll the glory and praise …. This has been an awesome testimony in our lives to others… He has never mentioned the accident ,but once….this is even more remarkable we were at McDonalds about 3 months after this happened and he looked up at me and out of the blue ,he said grandma do you remember when i got ran over ???? I said yes Matty I sure do ..I was very sad.

He said I wanna tell you what happened ….. I said o.k. ….he went on to say ., grandma you know what happened to me ? He said , I died that day and you not what happened I went to heaven …..he began to tell me , I seen Jesus and god and it was so beautiful grandma …he said there were lots of people there with me …he said you would have loved it there.

I asked him , how did you get there ??? He said Jesus took me grandma ………I said well how did you get back to us ? He said after just a little while with Jesus and god , Jesus brought me back down here . He said Jesus told him to stay away from the road from now on so he would not get hurt again……….here I was, as I listened to this 5yr.old telling me about heaven in the middle of McDonalds , knowing the miracle that god had given us , with tears just flowing down my face …. So i know without a doubt that god does the impossible. He did it right before my eyes….. Thank you again Jesus for your mighty power …….. God is soooooooooo good Jesus loves us all very much

(Received on Wednesday October 3, 2001)

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Lord, I Lift Your Name on High