by | Jun 3, 1999 | Poem, Sons and Daughters of God

I got my eyes from my father
And my mothers head of hair.
My dimples came from grandpa,
Great-grandma’s skin that’s fair.

But, my sins were of my own making.
No one gave me them to bear.
And, I bent beneath the burden
Of deep needs and grievous cares.

Daddy’s eyes, they now need glasses,
Mother’s hair is silvered through.
Grandpa’s dimples have deep creases
And my skin has blotches, too.

But, I found a friend called Jesus,
Who has lifted every care.
He took all my sins to Calvary
And He set me free, right there.

So, I got my life from Jesus
And I gave it back to Him.
No one else, on earth, could save me
Or release the smallest sin.
Now, I give the praise to Jesus
For the miracle that’s me.
For, life begins when you trust Him.
And it’s life eternally!

© by Joan Clifton Costner