If Tears

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Grief, Poem

If tears could fill an ocean
Or change the color of the sea
I know I’d be responsible
Since the day that you left me  

If tears could make me happy
And take the pain away
I know I’d be responsible
And perhaps find fame  

If tears could bring you back
And make my life whole again
I know I’d be responsible
I’d never let you go again  

If tears could heal a broken heart
And take this old one of mine
I know I’d be responsible
For the love I’ve had all this time  

If God would have wiped my tears
And let me know many years ago
That this pain would last forever
I wish then He could have told  

If tears can make me better
And make me see another day
One filled with sense and worth
I might accept what happens today  

If tears could make me love you more
If that were really true
I’d have all the love in the world
And gladly give it back to you  

Tears are healing I’m told
And sometimes I think that’s true
But my child, I’ll never shed a tear
That I don’t think of you  

Sharon Bryant 2002 1946@bellsouth.net


If Tears