I Just Love a Good Story

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Salvation

In my living room sits a beautiful antique treadle sewing machine. I have had it for about 23 years. I love it not only for the piece of furniture it is, but for my God experience that surrounds it. Every time someone comments how lovely it is, I get the opportunity to testify of God’s hand in it all.

I had the recent memory of it again, when a client of my husband’s stopped by to see him. The man commented on the piece of furniture, and again… out of my mouth the testimony flowed.

Several years ago, a good friend of mine had an identical piece of furniture. Hers was my first opportunity to lay my eyes on something I thought was absolutely exquisite. The cabinet was made of oak, and had beautiful carvings on it. Each time I saw it, I would comment on how lovely it was, and that some day I would have one just like it. I just knew in my heart that God would grant me this desire.

A few months later my friend told me that she was going antiquing and would keep her eye out for a treadle for me. She said , ” I have a feeling I’m going to find something for you.” All day long I waited for her to get home and tell me that she found it. Her call finally came, but there was a tone of disappointment in her voice as she said, ” I didn’t find anything for you there today.” She went on to let me know that the few she found were quite pricy, and not what I was looking for. She even went as far as to tell me that maybe I wouldn’t find one exactly like hers. Initially I was crushed by those words. But I went on to follow that knowing in my heart as I replied, ” I will have one just like yours.”

About a week later as I was thumbing through a local advertising paper when I read that someone was selling a treadle sewing machine. There was no description given, and the price was only twenty dollars (my friend had paid eighty for hers). So, I decided I would go check this out.

When I arrived I was greeted by a young woman who told me that her grandmother died, and she was finally getting around to cleaning out the attic. She decided she would sell some of the remains, as they were not useful to her. As we walked into the house, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There in front of me stood my treadle sewing machine. One exactly like my friends. All for the LOW PRICE of twenty dollars. The rest of the day my heart was filled with glee. I couldn’t wait to share this with my friend.

Later that evening as I was changing the sheets on my bed , for some strange reason, I decided to turn my mattress over. As I struggled to flip it over, a twenty dollar bill flew out from underneath it. I thought, “how odd? Who put that there? ” Then it hit me….God was returning to me the twenty dollars I had spent on my treadle machine. This was truly a gift from Him.

To this day I still love to tell the story. I love to think about the knowing God put in my heart, as my friend was telling me, that I might not have one like hers.

Occasionally God gives us that absolute knowing about something. There is no greater feeling than God’s reassurance to us. It is so perfectly described by the Prophet Jeremiah when he says, ” I knew this was the word of the Lord..” (Jeremiah 32:8 Niv). Oh what a glorious feeling, when you can rejoice with the Lord and say, “I knew it!”

Annettee Budzban has a writing ministry called, “Writings From The Heart” sending devotions to friends and others. She is the author of the devotional book, “Life Changing Inspirations.” She has been published on e-zines and in magazines, and writes a weekly devotional column for The Daily Herald. Her e-mail is ahrtwrites2u@aol.com


I Just Love a Good Story