Where Angels Tread

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Death, Experiencing God

My wife lay in the hospital bed, recovering from her liver operation, the chemotherapy treatment, and lastly coming out of a semi-coma. Her chances of survial were slim, about ½ of one percent, but survive she did. Phil, her son in law and I were visiting her, getting her ready to come home.

While visiting with her, she asked me who is the lady that is scrubbing the floor. I looked but just the three of us were in the room, no other lady. I asked my wife about the woman’s appearance, her attire. She responded, “She is wearing a white robe and has silver hair.” We continued to visit, then she sat up in bed and said, “She is washing my feet.” I had to turn away, tears were coming to my eyes. I realized for the first time my wife was being prepared for her last journey. What did my wife see? I cannot say except I believe she witnessed people from heaven, angels, whatever you wish to call them and they were preparing my wife. How could she see them and we could not? Medication? Perhaps. However, I prefer to believe, no, I have to believe she saw through the vail. My wife saw with spiritual eyes things that I could not see because I was too far from the otherside.

B. J. Cassady Guthrie, Oklahoma BJ.CASSADY@af-group.com


Where Angels Tread