Job’s Test

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Poem, Surrender

Job was righteous in the eyes of the Lord.
He served the Master of his own accord.
Then, one day, Satan said, with a grin,
“I’ll get Job to curse You and cause him to sin.”

So, God allowed Satan to inflict Job with pain,
By destroying his family and material gain.
Even though Job’s wealth and his family had died,
His Faith in The Lord would, still, not subside.

Then, Satan struck Job with leprosy,
Causing sores from his feet to his head.
But, the Lord, in all His mercy,
Told Satan not to leave Job for dead.

Job’s wife said, “Forget your integrity.
Just curse the Lord and die.”
But, Job said, “My witness is in heaven
And my record is, still, on high.”

After all of Satan’s afflictions,
That cut just like his sword,
Job said, “The Lord giveth and He taketh away.
Blessed be the name of The Lord.”  

Then, finally, Satan realized
That he couldn’t get Job to sin,  
By breaking down his body
And God’s spirit, deep within.

So, the Lord gave Job his just reward
And all Job had God hath restored.
He took away Job’s grief and pain
By restoring Job’s family and his material gain.

And, all that Satan could hear Job say was,
“The Lord giveth and He taketh away.
Blessed be name, of The Lord.”

Many Blessings to all of YOU! © 2002 by Vickie Lambdin


Job’s Test