I Can’t Live Without You

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Dependency, Poem

Lord, I can’t live without You. 
You know that sometimes I’ve tried
To ignore the intensity of my love for You
And the intimacy of Your love for me,
Wanting to think perhaps it’s not real,
That it’s conjured up from the depths somewhere;
That it’s all flesh; 
To explain and rationalize these feelings.   

Whacked out, Lord?  
No, crazy in love with You, My God, My Savior,
My deliverer, My King, My Lord, My Friend. 
You and You alone
Were able to save me from a life of destruction and despair. 
I remember when You sovereignly delivered me from nicotine,
Then alcohol and all of the other bondages —
Even that secret besetting sin that only You knew, Lord,
That I was too afraid to even whisper —
But You set me free and deliverance was mine.   

Oh My God, I can’t live without You;
24-7 thinking about You,
Talking to You, singing,
Praising and worshipping You.   
Your flaming eyes draw me, Lord,
Your mercy, Your justice,
Your grace, Your righteousness
Tear away my filthy rags
And clothe me in white.  
Wretched and undeserving though I am. 
You are a consuming fire. 
Consume me, My God.
Do not reject me. 
Make me run straight to Your arms
No matter what it looks like to the outside. 
My God, Jesus, My Savior, I love You. 
Oh, that everyone might know this love.   

Lord, I tell them,
But they do not understand;
They do not know what I mean,
Nor do they comprehend Your love. 
Help me, Lord, in the telling
And to keep on telling.   

Copyright 2003 Sharon Warden smarwar@msn.com
  “Sing to God, sing praises to His name; lift up a song to Him who rides upon the clouds; his name is the Lord, exult before Him!”  Psalm 68: 4 


I Can’t Live Without You