Holy Fire

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Holy Spirit, Poem

You are Holy Fire.
All of my desire
Is in You. 
You died upon that tree
To set this captive free. 
I worship You.   

Let me not despise the pleasant land. 
Murmuring that it does not suit my style. 
Such unbelief does not come from Your hand,
Your  mighty Hand that leads me every mile.   

I want You to be my Holy Fire
Lord, I want all of my desire
To be complete in You. 
Because you died upon that tree
To set this shame-filled captive free
And I want to worship You.   

At waters of the strife, there must be danger;
Speaking rashly there would incur Your anger,
Your wrath be kindled rightly by rebellion;
My covering removed, I’ve lost Your Son.    

“I know everything you do
Through all these years I’ve been with you. 
When you’ve wept and you’ve rejoiced;
When, to me, dismay you’ve voiced. 

But I love you anyway. 
I live in your heart today.”   

O, Lord, you’re Holy Fire
You’re all that I desire
And I worship You.    

Copyright December 2002 Sharon Warden smarwar@msn.com

This poem is a little different.  It uses some thoughts from Psalm 106, but following sort of a “conversation approach”, where the Lord speaks in the middle.  I recently returned from a worship conference where they modeled spontaneous song and “harp and bowl”, “response and answer” spontaneous song, so I thought I would try a poem like that – I don’t know for sure if anyone can get the point!  My desire for Jesus to be burning within me, yet so many distractions and condemnations and guilt/shame getting in the way.  And then He speaks, and then I respond. (The middle verses are done in “sonnet” meter.)


Holy Fire