Heavenly Returns

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Miracles, Provision

Heartsick and in a state of shock I sat at my desk unwilling to believe I had just lost more than a year’s worth of research. The research, a compilation of personal true stories, was slated for my second book on angels and Heavenly intervention. That day I had intended on making a back-up copy of my files and was distracted by phone calls. Thinking I was all done I placed old files into the trash on my computer and emptied it. Within seconds I realized what my distraction had just cost me. I had inadvertently deleted all the files.

My stomach felt ghastly and fighting tears, I called out to my husband, “Shawn, if I empty the trash on my computer, is everything really gone?”

I know he heard the distress in my voice because he was up the stairs in seconds, “What’s happened?” he asked.

I tried to explain what I’d been doing but somehow had gotten mixed up and deleted all the files, rather than just the old copy. Then I sat there in a state of shock.

The lost “angel file”, this collection of powerful and uplifting stories, was from writers in a number of different countries and by losing the file I lost not only the material but all the contact names and addresses. With the file gone, there was no way to back track and ever locate those same stories. I was devastated, not believing that with one simple click, I had committed such a costly blunder.

Shawn sat at the computer searching for the missing files. We have a program especially designed for locating any file within the system. Shawn provided the program with the name angels and the response indicated that “0” (zero ) files existed. He checked through systems but nowhere in the system was a file hiding called “angels”. In fact nowhere could the word “angels” be found. It was as if the entire file had never existed. He turned and looked at me, “I’m sorry honey, there’s nothing there.”

I looked at him, fighting tears and speechless. I thought of the hundreds of stories, among them some priceless gems. These stories needed to be read by others. They could help ease the pain of grieving for some and give hope to others. I silently pleaded with God for assistance.

Shawn gathered me into his arms. “I’m sorry honey, the file is gone. There’s nothing.”

When he left the room, I sat in front of my computer, not willing to let go of the hope that somehow this stuff would show up. I went through the same steps that Shawn had just performed but the response still came back, “0 files found.”

Again I thought of the importance of the many stories, their ability to ease the pain of hundreds and maybe thousands of people and I continued sending out my distress signal to the only power I knew who could make things better, God. So for the third time I used the search program to find the deleted files and this time instead of zero the finder indicated there was a file called “Angels On Earth”.

Daring to hope that my prayers and been answered I shouted for Shawn. I was paranoid about taking the next step and actually clicking the mouse. Shawn sat at the computer and in moments we were staring at this huge file. All the stories were there. Everything that I had deleted had been returned. Awed and overwhelmed with a full feeling of gratefulness I sent up my silent words of “thank you.”

“I guess we just didn’t scroll all the way up the first time,” Shawn offered as an explanation.

“Sweetheart, you saw it was gone. You saw the Find program tell us more than once that the file did not exist. Shawn I prayed for help and got it.”

Shawn just smiled at me. “I’m glad it’s recovered honey,” he said.

There are some things that we just don’t argue about. We each have our own opinions and thoughts. Personally, I think I just got mail from God.

Ellie Braun-Haley copyright 2002 shaley@telusplanet.net

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Heavenly Returns