Coffee and Christmas With Grandpa

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Christmas, Witnessing

Grandpa passed away two years ago and I miss him very much around the Christmas season. I thought of him the other day, as I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee after decorating for Christmas around our house.

I recalled a Christmas Eve from a few years back when we were all at Grandpa’s house. The family was all sitting around the huge dining room table, talking, waiting to head out to the midnight service at church.

Then someone noticed one of the lights out on Grandpa’s Christmas tree. My oldest son, Bubba, (who fancies himself as somewhat of a specialist when it comes to Christmas lights), jumped up from the table exclaiming, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’ll take care of that light for you”.

Grandpa quickly replied “No, leave it alone, the lights are fine just the way they are”.

“But, Grandpa, the tree doesn’t look right with that light out, it’s probably just a bad bulb, I could easily replace it for you.” Bubba said.

Grandpa told Bubba that there was a reason behind that light being out.

By this time Grandpa had the whole family curious . . . Everyone wanted to know what Grandpa’s reason was for that one light bulb being out.

“But Grandpa, why would you leave one light out on the Christmas tree?” Bubba asked.

“Think about it for a little while, if you don’t have it figured out by dinnertime tomorrow then I’ll tell you.” Grandpa said.

Having said that, Grandpa got up from the table and said, “It’s time to leave, I want to get to church early before all the seats are taken.”

Grandpa went to the other room, put on his hat and overcoat, and yelled out “Let’s go!”

We all went to church, sat through a lovely Christmas service and then headed on back to our own homes.

The next day, everyone showed up at Grandpa’s for Christmas dinner. Grandpa’s little puzzle had everyone talking, trying to figure out what lesson Grandpa was trying to pass on this time. Meanwhile, Grandpa sat back in his chair smiling as everyone tried to figure out why that one light was out on Grandpa’s Christmas tree. Dinner was served and Bubba asked Grandpa about the light bulb once again.

Grandpa said “Hasn’t anyone figured out the significance of that light being out on the tree yet?”

As he looked around the table all he was met with was blank stares from everyone seated at the table. Finally, Bubba said, “Grandpa, we have all tried desperately to figure out it’s significance, but none of us has been able to come up with an answer, won’t you please tell us?”

Grandpa said, ” The brightly lit lights on the tree are a reminder to us that Jesus was the Light of the World. He told us that we should carry that light within us, and share that light with others.” “We understand all of that Grandpa, but that still doesn’t explain to us the significance of the one light bulb that isn’t lit.” Replied Bubba.

“Ah, the bulb that isn’t lit, it is there to remind us of all those who still walk in darkness, those who have not yet come to know the light. It is a reminder to us that we are to share the light with those who don’t have it.” Grandpa said.

Ever since that Christmas, Bubba has made it a point to make sure there is one bulb on our tree that isn’t lit.

Just a thought over coffee!



Coffee and Christmas With Grandpa