Buried at the Foot of the Cross

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Experiencing God, Salvation

My friend Mani recently went to church and started reading the bible and having bible studies for the first time in his life after being brought up not even knowing who Jesus Christ was. He thought he was just some dude as he put it. I met Mani some months ago while he was still steeped in a life of spiritualism, confusion and sin. Mani begun bible studies and soon his life changed. Out went his marijuana pipe, and in came the bible. Mani would attend church each week and even changed his career to a gardener so he could be in Gods nature and assist elderly people that needed help with their gardens.

One day he was at a elderly lady’s house and she ask Mani to help her find a place to buy his dog.

Mani searched all over her garden for a soft piece of earth to bury her dog but everywhere was hard. Mani decided to pray that God would lead him to a soft piece of ground.

He then kept looking and found a soft piece of ground at the base of a large telegraphic pole. He buried the dog and the lady said, I don’t need to put a cross at my dogs grave as there is already one there and she pointed to the large telegraphic pole.

Mani then ask the lady what was the dogs name”

Mani she replied.

Mani then had a revelation from God. That he is buried at the foot of the cross of Christ and his life is now hid with Christ in God.

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Buried at the Foot of the Cross