As a Shadow

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Eternity, Poem

There is a saying, “My life is as a shadow,” or, “as doth the wind blow.”
Just as a vapor, it will quickly turn and we watch it go.
We, sometimes, feel we have forever, even though we are mere man.
But, sometimes, the wind doth come and go as quickly as it can.

Like the wind, we live fast and think, “Surely, there is no end to the life.” As a vapor, it is but a puff. Then, it is gone, as is the life’s strife.
But, I ask you, as did old Job, is there not an appointed time on earth?
It is as the eagle after prey, the man has not much time after his birth.

Compared to forever, in the Heavens above, we have but a mere day
To roam this earth; to fulfill our natures longings, a puff and away.
We are as the fast fleets of ships that sail the seas  that come and go. But though this life is a puff and gone, we have a Savior whom we know.

He will sail the ship to bring us home, where we’ll be forever more.
No more wondering, about the vapors that sweep around our door.
Our days are swifter than a weavers shuttle, remember out time is short.
Should not we live and love our Christ Jesus with all our heart?

One day, here tomorrow, as the ships that sail the ocean, gone forever. So, let us live the fullest life for our Lord that we can, depart Him, never. Though the days pass as the swiftest ships and the eagle to its prey, Let us ever remember our Savior, knowing He’ll come for us that day.

© 2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker


As a Shadow