A Lawnmower Experience

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Circumstances, Discipline, Spiritual Growth, Trials

The weather was beautiful here yesterday (Sat 09 Nov, 2002), so I decided instead of raking the leaves from the yard and contemplating bagging about 20-30 bags of leaves, I thought there must be some easier way of doing this. I thought of starting up my lawn mower and mulching the leaves.

So, I brought the mower out of our shed and attempted to try to start it. (I should tell you we even had a trace of snow in the last week or two, so this weather of 18C or 65F was a real blessing). However, I tried many times even praying over this lawn mower to start and it would not. So of course I got frustrated and started to question God. This was after I tried at least 12 times.

So I saw two men next door bringing in a new dryer into the house. And I asked them, Do you know anything about lawn mowers? So one of them said Sure, I’ll be over. So he looked at the spark plug and then saw a small red button to prime the mower. And would you know it, the mower started right away!! It was so simple that I didn’t even think of priming the machine. I felt so silly, and you can giggle about this!! That’s OK, so am I.

It is like God telling me, I need not just to pray about things, but come to knowledge and utilize the knowledge with His wisdom. It’s like asking God to fill us with knowledge and not ever opening up His Word or studying a little bit or none at all.

I can truly say thank you Lord, so in case the same thing should happen, I will know next time what to do. I have never been very mechanical or technical in any case, as you can tell. I guess the same thing happened last year when I ran in to a bit of difficulty with the Simply Accounting at work this past year. However, by the grace of God, I was able to overcome the problem and find a solution in order to be aware of any future occurring problems which I was able to previously detect and not get myself in the same problem again.

When we wonder why we face obstacles, God uses these situations so we can take corrective measures and overcome and prevent the same errors to occur in our daily lives, if we acknowledge Him to teach and guide us. He will then teach us, show us that we will in fact gain knowledge in our daily lives and in His Word. It was a funny lesson with the lawnmower, but it taught me a lot. If we lack knowledge, we will be caught in our foolishness. Like it says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” God richly bless each of you. Love in Christ,

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A Lawnmower Experience