Saeta Flight #232

by | Jun 1, 1999 | Great Commission, Witnessing

Some years ago on the 15th of August, 1976 a regular daily flight originated in Quinto, Ecuador and departed for the southern Ecuadorian City of Cuenca. The normal flight of 40 minutes became a painful mystery only recently solved. Flight # 232 never reached its destination. It completely disappeared .. for 26 years. Ongoing investigations turned up nothing, until finally they were terminated, accepting the fact that 59 passengers and a 727 Boeing jet had vanished. Countless rumors were spread as to the disappearance of flight # 232, but for the last 26 years the families of the 59 on board were not allowed peace of mind and closure as to the plight of their loved ones. That changed in February as Chimborazo Mountain climbers discovered the Boeing jet imbedded in the snow and ice of one of the highest volcanic mountains in the world. The plane was almost intact and the bodies of the passengers were kept preserved by the year-round icecap on the top of Mount Chimborazo. The bodies have now been removed, identified, and finally after 26 years of grief there has come a closure that was not possible before.

However, this story does not end there. It contains a tremendous lesson for those of us who have been rescued from death and included in a kingdom of life and love. Perhaps the greatest of all sins is to know the truth, to possess the knowledge that can free grieving hearts, but to conceal that truth and knowledge. That happened with flight # 232. Upon finding the wrecked plane and preserved bodies of the passengers, it was evident that others had been there before. The passengers had been stripped of their jewelry and wallets. When? That will probably remain unknown. What human being could value jewelry and money over the desire to communicate the discovery of truth? Truth that could heal aching hearts was hidden from those who so desired to know. Selfish greed reigned while mercy and loving kindness was ignored. Someone(s) will answer for their sin against the families of flight # 232.

As we consider our part in the scheme of God’s plan of redemption, do we truly understand the seriousness of not sharing what we have come to know? Is it possible to really know Christ and not share what He has done in our lives, what He means to us, and the difference He can make in the life of all we meet? May God help us to repent of the sin of flight # 232!

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Saeta Flight #232