Psalms 19 — Rephrased in Poetry

by | Jun 1, 1999 | Creation, Poem

The works of Your fingers, Lord,
Your handiwork, blazes a trail of Your Presence
Spoken in the sky.  
Even with this absence of audible speech,
No being in heaven or earth
Can fail to hear Your voice,
Or read Your lips,
As you speak to the farthest corner
Of the universe, 
Through the unspoken Truth of Your creation. 
This silent sound has travelled everywhere,
Fighting the darkness and
Blessing us with the knowledge
Of the One Who made us and sustains us. 
Praise Your Name, Lord.  

The sun bursts from its bedroom in the East. 
Like a bridegroom running to fetch his chosen one,
Like a swift runner exploding over the starting line.  
With strength and power, joy and gladness. 
He runs his race until he is done at dusk. 
Nothing on earth is hidden from him,
As he traverses his course.  

You govern the creation in perfection, Lord. 
We cannot fail to understand this book
As we hail its testimony,
The affirmation of Your Presence
And righteous rules. 
You make it so simple, Lord,
And easy to comprehend. 
Who is like You, oh Lord? 
Your statutes ring true —
They cause us to rejoice in our souls; 
They declare Your presence, Lord,
And we rest secure under Your wings
In the shadow of Your righteous Hand. 
You dispel all of our fear. 

Better than gold or anything called precious
Are Your ways, oh Lord. 
We seek to know them in totality,
With all of our hearts and souls. 
Praise Your holy Name. 
To see Your Face and be familiar with all Your precepts
Is our true desire. 
By Your commandments our spirits
Are warned of coming danger. 
You alone know our secret errors. 
Cleanse us from them and cause us
To walk with You in light and uprightness all our days. 
Our sins shall lose their power over us
As we submit to Your correction. 
Then shall we be pure
And see You face to face. 

Let these words and thoughts, Lord,
Be acceptable in Your sight. 
You are all our strength. 
You buy us back from the iniquity
In which we were immersed. 
You are our Rock. 

Copyright June 2003 Sharon Warden


Psalms 19 — Rephrased in Poetry