Heart Rewards

by | Jun 1, 1999 | Provision

“Give her the reward she has earned . . .” –– Proverbs 31 (NIV)

Some of the special moments in life, occur when we perform an act of kindness for another. These acts come truly from the heart without any sense of self. When we perform these acts, we don’t know how God will respond.

Several years ago, I worked as a nurse manager for a state facility that served the physically and mentally challenged. The nurses in our unit worked very hard. As a manager I was well aware of this fact because I had worked my way up the ranks.

Our unit cared for one hundred patients and some days this could be quite overwhelming. I knew what it was like to come in and learn that other nurses had called in sick. Hearing this news made me dread that I was going to work alone that day. Then, there were the days that I stretched myself thin because everyone needed me at the same time and setting priorities was a difficult task.

Every nurse will tell you that the pay does not compensate for the energy put into the job. One day, a nurse in our unit approached me about receiving a raise. I knew that she was at the top of the pay scale, but she was a hard working individual. I made the decision that I would not let that stop me from seeing what I could do for her. However, it meant approaching my boss, which was not always a pleasant task.

My boss could be a harsh taskmaster. He had a way of making you feel like Moses approaching Pharaoh, with his unrelenting ways. But in my heart, I knew my mission. The day arrived that I would take the step. That morning I awoke with an incredible sense of peace. I lingered in bed and enjoyed the spirit that had overcome me. I knew this was the day I could tackle any task! I told myself after making morning rounds, that I would approach my boss and accomplish my mission. When I spoke with him that morning, I could sense an empathic tone in his voice; unfortunately, the answer I received was, no. He said he was sorry, but this nurse was at the top of the pay scale and there was absolutely nothing that he could do for her.

That is exactly what I expected to hear, I thought to myself, as I sat there for a moment, sinking, in that feeling of rejection.

Then, he continued to speak. “But I can give you a raise.”

Me! I thought. That was the furthest thing from my mind.

He went on to tell me how he appreciated all the hard work I had done. He continued, however, that he couldn’t guarantee that this raise would get approved, but he would submit the paperwork immediately.

I walked out of his office bewildered. I asked myself, What just happened? This wasn’t at all what I set out to accomplish. This was truly an unexpected turn of events! I realized God had given me favor in the sight of my boss.

Two weeks later, my boss casually approached me and said my raise had been approved. He went on to say, “In all my years of working for the state, I have never seen a raise approved so quickly.”

I pondered over these events, and the incredible peace that I experienced that morning, as well as the boldness that had come over me, as I sought out God’s will to do something special for another. I couldn’t help but wonder, Could God be rewarding my attempt to help someone else? The very thought of it warms my soul.

Annettee Budzban is an author, freelance writer, and religion columnist. She has been published on numerous e-zines and with magazines such as Guideposts Angels on Earth. Her book When Heaven Whispers contains short inspirational stories and devotions. Her e-mail address is ahrtwrites2u@aol.com


Heart Rewards