God is Good

by | Jun 1, 1999 | God's Love

“For God is good…” Psalm 11:7 (LB)

Oh, the joy of being a grandmother!

Twenty-seven month old Mary Kathryn and I were running errands. My hand held tightly to the wheel as I maneuvered us through the traffic. Mary Kathryn sat in the rear securely buckled in her car seat.

There was no need for conversation that day. Mary Kathryn’s precious voice was ringing out with songs she had learned from Sunday School and her kids praise videos. The song in her heart was springing forth vocally from the back of our car. The melodies definitely were cheering my spirit as we continued our journey.

A few minutes later I decided to share a package of M&M’s with Mary Kathryn. The tiny, colorful pieces of chocolate were her favorite. While laughing and eating the M&M’s, lovingly I said to her, “These M&M’s are so good.” Almost as if I had given her a queue with the word good, Mary Kathryn began to sing “God Is So Good.” To my delight, I listened in awe as her sweet angelic voice completed the song.

Startled that she knew all of the words, I thanked God that at the tender age of twenty-seven months, Mary Kathryn really knew God was good. Life as viewed from her youthful perspective was all about love.

Does the simple word “good” trigger in your mind the fact that God is good, He’s so good to us? Are you twenty seven months, twenty seven years old, or perhaps nearing the age of Mary Kathryn’s grandmother? It really doesn’t matter. You can let God’s goodness engulf you. Soak it up.

He loves,






and protects you.

Amidst the trials and tribulations that confront you daily, let the song that sprang from the heart of a very young granddaughter remind you that “God is good…”

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God is Good