An Angel or a Good Samaritan?

by | Jun 1, 1999 | Angels, God's Hands

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” –– Hebrews 13:13 (NIV)

I knew that the mighty oak tree in my back yard was weathered and worn. But my lack of finances as a single mother, kept me from cutting it down. I was in need of much prayer with this one.

The wind was blowing extremely hard when I went to bed that night. I could hear the trees creaking in the strong breeze. A few times, I was awakened by the sound of crashing thunder. Each time I awoke, I prayed for protection over the two bedrooms that were close to this tree.

When I got up the next morning, I could see why God had placed it on my heart to pray. That old tree had cracked and broken in two. Half of the tree was lying in my yard, with its debris of broken limbs and shredded bark scattered all over the place, and the other half was strewn on top of my neighbor’s garage. As I looked at the remainder of the mighty oak, the mess in my yard, and my neighbor’s garage roof, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. This tree problem was more than I could handle.

I started my quest to have this mess removed. I pleaded with each call . . . “A large storm blew in last night and broke my tree in half! My urgency is that half of it is lying on the roof of my neighbor’s garage, and I don’t think they appreciate it.”

I quickly found my quest for success waning when I heard the price for this tree’s removal. Despite my plea for mercy, quotes were starting at . . . $350.00, and this did not include the removal of the tree once it was cut up in pieces. That could cost another $200.00. “Lord, where would I come up with this money? ” I sighed.

After the first day, I just continued to place it in God’s hands. My neighbors had not yet pressed me in any way for the removal of the branches. For this I was grateful. So, I persisted in prayer to receive enlightenment, on how to solve this problem.

About the third or fourth day after work, a friend came by and asked if I would like to go out for some dessert . . . Her treat! She knew how troubling this tree episode had been, and wanted to take my mind off of it, even if only for a little while. We had a great time eating cake and laughing. I felt relief from the stress I had been under.

As Jeannie pulled up in front of my house to drop me off, we sat in the car for a few more minutes to laugh and joke. While we were still sitting in the car we saw a man, with his checked flannel shirt flapping in the breeze, come around the corner on a bicycle. He made a turn into my driveway and approached my front porch. I quickly got out of the car to see what he wanted.

“I see you have a tree that needs to be cut down and removed.” He said. “I could remove that tree for sixty-five dollars.”

I was stunned at the offer. Unfortunately I had to ask, “Sir, I do not have sixty- five dollars, maybe you could return on Friday?”

“No problem,” he said. He told me he would come tomorrow and remove the tree, along with all of the remains and come back on Friday for his pay. He appeared to be an angel in disguise.

Where did this good Samaritan come from? I wondered. Then I knew — It was in answer to my prayer.

When I tried to make sense how to remove my tree, I could come up with no way out. But trusting in God — He found the way out for me. Was this an angel I was entertaining in my midst? Or was it just a good Samaritan? Either way — I knew who sent him.

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An Angel or a Good Samaritan?