The Wild Geese

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Bondage, compromise, Sin

Once there was a group of wild geese that were flying down south to warmer climate for the winter. They were flying in their V – formation, in unison and supportive one to another. Now, one of the wild geese looked below and found a pond with many domesticated geese having a good time with good food from the pond and living in ease. So, off he flew, ‘our wild goose’, down into the ‘abundance’ of the pond. There were plenty of fish and he did enjoy having flown down. He had a good meal of fish with no problem every time he wanted. He purposed in his heart to join his flock when they would fly by North-bound for Spring. So when Spring came by, he watched for his flock. And sure they came. He started to fly. He flew and flew.

Then he flapped his wings harder and harder and saw that they were well ahead of him and he could not catch up as he had put on weight, a little too much for wild geese. And so he decided that he will join them next time they flew by for the winter.

Winter came and with it, his flock of wild geese flying down South to warmer regions. They honked to him. But he couldn’t even fly past the trees this time. He hadn’t and couldn’t stop eating fish. He got so used to it that he did not realise that the fish was making him unable to fly as required for a wild goose. He thought he will join them in Spring. On came Spring and up flew our flock. But the goose down below did not even sense their flight. He was just too caught up with eating fish down in the pond that he forgot the heights to which he could have flown if not for that fish and that pond. All he knew and could do now was to waddle in his pond and eat the fish there. He too was domesticated.

And so it is, my friends with even a little bit of sin. It first enters, then takes over and finally ends up separating you from where you belong – God. After all, the thing our friend, the goose did was, eat fish.

Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as the circumstances dictate.

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The Wild Geese