Choose It!

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Attitude, Choices, Happiness

Two men fell on hard times. Try as they might, they couldn’t find work. They heard that a museum was willing to pay $50 apiece for live rattlesnakes so, in desperation, they decided to catch snakes.

Outfitted with a net and basket, they hiked to a remote area renowned for its large snake population. But as they scaled a steep ledge, the rock gave way and they tumbled down the slippery bank — into a deep pit crawling with rattlesnakes!

One of the men quickly sized up the situation and shouted excitedly to his friend, “Look! We’re rich! We’re rich!”

Some people see good in anything! And I suppose there’s usually a brighter side. Take aging, for instance. As we grow older, our skin turns from satin to cotton to seersucker to corduroy. But, on a brighter side, I’m just glad wrinkles don’t hurt! It has to do with how we look at our situation. Like a sign spotted outside a New England shop: “We buy junk. Antiques for sale.” Is your attic full of junk or antiques? It’s a matter of perspective.

Your greatest power may well be your power to choose. As Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The truth is, we can choose to view many of our problems as opportunities, we can choose to age in body without aging in spirit, and we can choose to be encouraged by the good of life, rather than discouraged by the bad.

It’s your point of view! Choose it!

© 1999 Steve Goodier

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Choose It!