Child’s Cry

by | Jun 10, 1998 | New Life, Poem, Surrender

Oh Jesus, what a wonderful Father you are,
You tuck me in my bed at night,
Give me a kiss and say “sleep tight”
Then you close my eyes to sleep,
While you stand above my bed and weep.

You cry for me for all the things I don’t take,
Because of the decisions I make when I am awake.
You have so much You want to give,
To help me in this life I live.
But I miss so many blessings you see,
Because there’s still too much of “me.”

I am my own worst enemy,
Causing roadblocks that hinder me,
> From all the joy, the peace and the love,
That You have for me from above.

You show me Your love everyday,
But I don’t always follow Your way.
There’s too much self that hears Satan’s lies,
They swarm around me like buzzing flies.

Oh help me Abba, to be like a child,
To be disciplined and not so wild.
I know what I want, not things of this life,
For they bring not pleasure; only strife.

Teach me Thy love so it fills my heart,
Not leaving empty places for his fiery dart.
I want to be all I can for You,
But I don’t always do what I ought to do.

Take me this day, fill my heart and my head,
And show me how to have the “old me” truly be dead.
I am Your child; You called me by my name,
Teach me how to change and not remain the same.

Open my eyes so I can see,
Just what it is You want me to be.

Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as
the circumstances dictate.

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Child’s Cry