Blood Cancer

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Answered Prayers

I would like to tell you about my In-laws’ friend. He had blood cancer and was not doing to well. He went into Hospital again about three weeks ago. It was not going well he was now even worse. He was then told he will need R5000-00 for the bone-marrow operation as the medical aid does not cover it.

His son went to his work and with in an Hour all his fellow men collected the R5000-00. A week later he was told by his boss to get out of the hospital and go to a government hospital as his medical aid does not want to pay. His wife asked us please to pray for him and she believes that God can help.

Well he was on antibiotics which made him very sick and his body was

getting sores on and blue. They only found out on Thursday that the

antibiotics was not right for him. Later that day they tested him again and found that his blood was clean that their was no trace of cancer.

He is now still in hospital to regain his energy and get well again he still has to go for the bone marrow transplant. We would just like to say thank you to God for still doing miracles and helping this man (who has a wife and two children he is in his late 40) and not taking him away in his prim. Thank you Lord. Please could you pray that the bone marrow transplant will be a success and that he can fully recover. With thanks to you all

Helga (Received on November 11, 2000)


Blood Cancer