Blessed Nearness

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Presence, Relationship, Worship

A new convert in one of Mr. Moody’s meetings came to him, saying, “Mr. Moody, it has been wonderful to be here. If only could know how to keep this blessed nearness to my Master that I feel just now, I would be the happiest person in the world.”

Mr. Moody looked at her and said: “Sister, I will tell you how to do it: Spend fifteen minutes every day talking to God in prayer, fifteen minutes every day letting God talk to you through His Word, and fifteen minutes a day talking about God to someone else. If you do this, you will feel the same blessed nearness every day of your life.”

By John L. Shuler, Signs of the Times, Copyright (c) June 28, 1938, Pacific Press. Thanks to Dale Galusha


Blessed Nearness