The Crash

by | Jun 9, 1998 | Love, Priorities, Treasure, Wealth

“I was confronted with a knee surgery two years back when I was out with some of my friends late in the night drinking. I was totally drunk and riding to get more liquor when I crashed up and saw my left leg broken into pieces.

The bottom half of my leg was still there because of the skin. I was there on the road bleeding and bruised and crying out in pain. There was not a soul to help me out. By sheer God’s grace an ambulance had just then dropped a patient back home and was on its way back to the hospital. On the way he saw me on the road and took me to the hospital. I also had head injuries.

Then they informed my family and they arrived at the hospital. In spite of my wayward nature God was still there for me. The doctors immediately made arrangements to stitch my head and an orthopaedic surgeon came and conducted a surgery on my leg, which lasted for more than 12 hours.

After the surgery I was shifted back to my ward still in deep sleep during which time my body temperature touched 113 degree centigrade. This was mainly because of the foreign body – a steel rod that they had inserted in my leg.

The doctors gave up hope and they all including my family knelt down beside my bed and prayed.

Praise God the next day my temperature was back to normal. I was on crutches for three months. Now I am back in action. I can run around and play. I can drive and am leading a perfectly normal life. I am 26 now got married and am having my first child due in November.

This is indeed a miracle and how God saved me form the state I was in. Though I was a sinner and had moved away from God. He did not leave me he stayed with me protected me and bought me back close to him. Now I know that I am always in very safe hands close to him.

All the friends for whom I was ready to give up my life because of pleasures were not there with me when this happened. I realized that they were there because of the money I had and because of the parties I used to host. They were very materialistic.

When I needed the most only God could help me and no man can do it. It is better to be close to God and be happy than being happy with the world which is short lived.”

Stanley, India


The Crash