Heart Failure

by | Jun 9, 1998 | Answered Prayers

Although I am downtrodden, I am not defeated and I desire to testify. I know that God is still and always has been in control and has not changed. I know the healing power that Jesus showed in the Bible has not lessened. He is the same. He is the same as he was in the beginning, and he will never lose that given to him by Father God.

My parents were sick since I was a child. I saw the mighty hand of God so many times when they were sick. My mother saw many, many miracles in her life alone. She was supposed to die young. She had a very bad heart condition diagnosed in her 20’s. God gave her many years. God gave her the desires of her heart to bear two more children after this diagnosis.

She suffered many physical attacks by Satan and every time until her day for that final rest was chosen, she was healed. Her doctors saw the many miracles and so did her family. Her congestive heart failure in her 20’s did not have a good prognosis. They did not expect her to live. She lived and then they did not give her long to live. She believed in the power of God and desired to see her children grow.

She was encouraged by her doctors to abort her last child to save her life but she refused. God delivered her from the surgery and he allowed safe delivery of her baby. Again, years later, they told her she needed surgery but she persevered and God healed her heart valve saving her years from this surgery.

Her children grew up. Again in 1979 she had to have a second open heart surgery. The artificial heart valve she was given was later recalled because thousands died from it’s defect. She never had it removed.

Long after this time, her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. The burden was terrible because they were going to remove his larynx and a lot of the surrounding tissue. My father was not saved. God sent a minister to my father with the message that he was going to be healed. My father believed and accepted Christ as his saviour.

After the radiation that the doctors said would in no way kill the cancer but maybe make it more operable, my mother asked the doctors to examine his throat again. The cancer was gone. The doctors were astounded.

My mother became ill again. They did not expect her to survive. She had Ovarian Cancer. It was in the 3rd stage of 4 stages. God carried her through severe surgery procedures and the awful following 3 year period of Chemo therapy. Following the chemo, she had strokes, many, many, emergency blood transfusions and ER visits for imbalance of body chemicals. Sick and in the hospital again, they told her to give up and die because the cancer was surely back. She did not feel it was time. They did surgery at her pleas, and she did not have cancer, but a twisted blocked bowel. Again, God intervened. She would have died, if not for the surgery to unblock her bowel.

Once she almost died from a severe blood infection septisymia. She survived by God’s hand, I know. Later, as she was told she would need heart surgery again to live she refused it because her husband was dying. She gave up any chance of surviving to see him through his difficult time. My mother told me this time she did not feel she would be healed here on earth.

She never gave up faith though and her life was a testimony to many through the 18+ times she was rushed to the hospital the last years before her death. God heals. His healings were visible to even the most sceptic around her. My mother lived to be almost 70. Now, she is with Jesus.

Berni (Received on Wednesday May 17, 2000)


Heart Failure