God’s Timing

by | Jun 9, 1998 | Provision

Several weeks ago, the Lord led us to an individual whose talent and skill where well suited for our ministry. We began discussing with him the possibility of him becoming a part of this ministry on a full-time basis. The obvious obstacle was that neither did he have a computer nor the immediate means to obtain one. So we began praying for a computer.

I remembered that my church had several computers stored away in a room that where not being used, so I asked around and found out who was in charge of the computers. I approached him while at church, told him of our need and of our ministry, and within a few minutes I had secured a computer and monitor.

We praised God, took the computer home and began a thorough evaluation of the system. There were many things that were still needed. The computer was a network CPU P-5 75/16 MB in good working order, but since it was a network box there was no CD or modem, and the amount of RAM was insufficient to run our database and internet applications. So we prayed some more.

Several days later I walked into my office and found a computer sitting in the middle of the floor. I asked around and learned that one of our warehouseman had felt impressed to bring in this computer and give it to me.

After praising God some more, I took this computer home and procured a CD and 16 MB of additional RAM. This was sufficient to run our applications, and the only remaining obstacle was a modem.

By this time, I was as completely unconcerned as I was certain now that God would also provide us with a modem.

The next day, a dear friend of mine slipped $100 US in my pocket and told me to go buy a modem.

After praising God some more, the modem was installed and the computer delivered.

Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord for his mighty works, His power and His glory is an awesome thing to behold!!! It is our privilege honor to serve THE omnipotent God! Praise Him forever, Amen!

Duane (Received on Monday October 2, 2000)


God’s Timing