The Leaf Blower

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Surrender

My 8 year old son wanted to help me out in the yard one fall day. There really wasn’t much for him to do in the back, but I had left the leaf blower around front, fully intending to blow the fallen leaves off the driveway when I finished winterizing the garden in the back. “Go around front,” I said, “And blow the leaves off the driveway.”

My son disappeared, and I returned to pulling up old tomato plants and picking the last of the Brussels sprouts and was soon so engrossed in my work that I forgot all about my son. It was quite some time before I remembered his offer of help, and then I realized that I didn’t hear the leaf blower running. I hurried around front, and there on the side of the drive lay the leaf blower, completely untouched. My son lay on his stomach on the concrete, manfully “blowing” at the leaves.

Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as the circumstances dictate.


The Leaf Blower