My Forever Friend

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Friendship

“I’ve dreamed of meeting her all my life…a bosom friend — an intimate friend, you know–a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul.” Anne of Green Gables

It is a friendship that almost didn’t happen…but God in his infinite wisdom knew what I needed in my life — one true friend who knew everything about me, thorns and all, but still invited me to share and grow with her in this thing called life.

Len and Kathy Eisert went to the orphanage that crisp fall day with a slip of paper in their hand to see the baby boys, in the hopes of adding one to their family of three. But instead of a bouncing baby boy, the staff brought down one chubby molasses-eyed girl. Realizing their mistake, they started to take the baby girl back to the nursery. Just before they started climbing the stairs, the dark-haired beauty chose to smile at Len with the biggest, toothless grin in all the world. Right then and there she captured their hearts. Their immediate response was “NO, WE’LL TAKE HER!” They knew that baby Rachel, as she was soon to be called, was meant for them and them only. That angelic baby was to become my kindred-spirit friend, alas my forever friend.

I vividly remember the moment I first met her at the age of four. Rachel’s oldest sister and my sister were getting together to play, and as my mom dropped off my sister at their house, I saw her. There she was. The dark-haired beauty to my fair blonde locks. She was sitting on her swing and my first thought was that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my four years of life. From that moment on we were to be friends…bosom buddies.

One day in Jr. High we were riding home together from basketball practice. Rachel’s Mom and her were talking about Rachel’s future in basketball. Rachel had developed a non-cancerous tumor on her thigh, which had been giving her quite a lot of pain. As we drove along that winter day, Rachel reached for my hand in the dark. I sat with her as she and her Mom talked about the possibility of her giving up basketball. That is the way our friendship has always been and I always hope it will be. When the dark times come, we cling to each other and hang on until the light comes again.

Rachel and I are mostly opposites. Rachel was the one who would be prepared and study hard for the PSAT tests for school. I would be beside her getting bored, circling answers just because I felt like it. Rachel was Clinton High School’s class valedictorian, and the first girl in our state renowned basketball program to be on the varsity team as a freshman. She was as intense as a person could possibly be. I, on the other hand, went to school to socialize and have fun and was easy going in my demeanor and personality. I would often show up late for school throughout our senior year as I had a first hour study hall. I would meet Rachel and the principal in the hallway as I entered the school doors. I would say hi to them both and smile my most engaging smile at Gene Harsevort, the principal. He would just shake his head and smile at his troublesome student. Those antics earned me the Class award for Most Tardy, while Rachel received the Most Likely to Succeed Award.

After graduation from high school, Rachel already had her life planned out before her. I felt confusion over my future and was scared. The day that high school started the next fall, I heard the bus as it made the usual pass by my house. From there it would rumble down the road past Rachel’s house, then turn around and head back past my house again and on to school. I don’t ever remember feeling so unsure of myself as I did that day. As I sprawled in my bed the abrupt ring of the phone dragged me from my thoughts. I picked up the receiver and it was Rachel saying, “It sure feels weird to not be on that bus, doesn’t it?” It was only one of many moments we have shared throughout our 30 years of friendship.

I can’t remember a crucial or happy moment in my life that Rachel has not been beside me, cheering me on, holding my hand, and pointing me towards Christ. Sometimes even giving me a swift kick in the butt. Our friendship is one that even my husband does not understand. Although we are three hours away from each other, we just know when the other needs something. Somehow God has orchestrated our friendship in a way that we will instinctively know when a phone call or card is needed to let the other know that we are there. One time we even sent the exact same card to each other ON THE SAME DAY.

When my father died four years ago, Rachel took time off of work and stayed throughout the visitation and funeral the next day. Her eyes were constantly on me and anytime I was sitting alone for an extended period of time I would find her sitting or standing next to me, holding my hand or just listening to me. My biggest tears fell when she reached me in the receiving line. “Rachel would know how I feel,” I said to myself. “For she is a sister of my heart and my Dad loved her like he loved his own kids.” I knew she would feel and share in my pain, and she did.

The only regret I have is that in the last few years Rachel has been there for me much more then I have been there for her. I can’t count how many times I have called her crying or hurting and she has NEVER, EVER given me the feeling that I was bothering her, or that she felt that it was time I got over the things hurting me so deeply. I can only pray that I will be there for her — be that sounding block, confidant, and friend that she has been for me.

It has been thirty years now. All these thoughts are in my head and heart as I try in my feeble way to thank Rachel for all that she has been and always will be in my life. My forever friend, if you had not been born and your birth Mom had not giving you up out of her love sacrifice; if your Mom and Dad had not seen you that day and had you not captured their heart, my life would not have been complete until I had found you. You, Rachel Eisert-Cleven, are my one true friend. My forever friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you Rachel

Kristi Powers

Kristi Powers is a full time human development specialist (In other words a Mommy!) She resides in Wisconsin with her husband Michael and their two sons, Caleb and Connor. Kristi has been writing stories about her life since she was a little girl, and loves to share her from her heart about her relationship with God. They will be releasing their collection of stories in an Ebook sometime in November, so stay tuned!

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My Forever Friend