My Father’s Eyes

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Spiritual Growth, Suffering, Trials

Has there ever been a moment when you felt like you finally “got it?” And then realized that your whole life had been viewed through a dim light, not ever really understanding the big picture? I can honestly say that my moment of complete awakening came one day when I poured my heart out to God, about the child abuse that had permanently affected everything in my world.

I gave Him all I had, I told Him of all my pain, I felt I had emptied out every bit of my soul before Him…and then the most amazing thing happened…He answered me! And in one brief moment I understood. I understood how lost my perpetrator was, and I understood how Jesus could cry out on the cross…”Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

I understood that the real meaning of forgiveness was in the love for my fellow-man, and the longing deep inside that Jesus had for them to see the Light, and find the Truth…yet He could forgive them because they were His lost children.

This moment in time changed my life. I no longer look at another person and see their faults, their hurtful ways, their unforgiveness…but instead, I fall upon my knees and say…Father, forgive them, as I forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And now I find myself praying for them to find the whole Truth in their lives and embrace it as one who loves Jesus would embrace Him…and the reason that I can do that is because in one moment of time…He answered me and this is what He said…

My Father’s Eyes

Father, I feel so broken, so battered and abused. My hurt is deep inside, my heart so badly bruised. Carrying this weight, I can hardly lift my head. To take another step, fills my mind with dread.

Dear Lord, I beg of you, take this pain away. Set me free of anguish, Father, hear me as I pray. The stripes of every hurtful word, sting my very soul. Penetrating deep inside, to leave an empty hole.

Darkness lingers there, as I grope to see the Light. Where the purity of Love, is diminished by my sight. Oh Lord, I seek Your face, please listen to my cries. And let me see, if for a moment, through My Father’s Eyes.

My Father’s Eyes, I long for, to see things as He does. Still loving man with all His heart, yet tortured as He was. He did not judge them by their words, or take account of sin. But looked on with compassion, and hoped to call them friend.

My Father’s eyes, I long for, not looking at my pain, Or focusing on worldly things, to see what I can gain. Not eyes that see with judgement, ready to condemn. Oh Father, give me eyes like Yours, reflecting Love within.

Eyes that do not lose their glow from trial or tribulation, Nor from the hurtful words, of another’s accusation. Please help me see the world, through Your Love and Light. Oh Father, how I plead with You, transform my blinded sight.

Open up my eyes, let Your Spirit flow through me. A Light that shines into my heart, and changes how I see. Father, I come before your throne, and fall upon my knees. Fill me with Your Light of Love, Oh hear my desperate pleas.

Oh my Child, I took your place, each stripe was not in vain. With every lash that cut my flesh, I whispered out your name. Deep inside my heart, my love for you grew stronger, You only need to bear this cross, yet a little longer.

Your sufferings may hurt your pride, and kill your carnal man. The stripes you feel, the weight you bear, I’ll help you understand. For it is only through your pain, that you are One with me. Brokeness and sorrow, will give you eyes to see.

I did not mark their hurtful ways, as they hung Me on the cross. But cried with tears of heartache, because they were so lost. My eyes did not reflect upon the pain, the hurt, the lies, Child, the cross is where you’ll learn to see, through Your Father’s Eyes.

Copyright 2001 Julie Carro


My Father’s Eyes