by | Jun 8, 1998 | Answered Prayers

Dear friends, PRAISE GOD!!!!! As many of you know, we have been requesting prayer for Moriah to be able to keep her food down and to be able to eat all meals by mouth. She has a G-Button and even with that, she was still having trouble with keeping food down. Moriah is scheduled to see a doctor on Monday to discuss stomach surgery. The most she has ever been able to take by mouth is about 30 cc.

Well, today when I went to visit her, Cheryl started feeding her spinach (<— I’d even have trouble with that one…lol ) and plums. She did so good with that, that Cheryl went ahead and mixed up her formula in a “sippy cup” and she ended up taking the whole 110 ccs. By mouth. She held every bit down, and was about as content as she could be. It is the first time since she’s been BORN (almost 14 months old now) that she has taken a whole feeding by mouth…along with a little prayer 🙂 AND….Cheryl called and said she took all of her formula out of the cup tonight too, and has kept every bit down.

THANK YOU LORD!! Please pray for continued success with this, as it would mean the removal of her G-Button…and NO SURGERY. Cheryl asked that I please thank you for ALL your prayers. She really feels that you are part of her miracle. God Bless. Thank You Father!! Love In Christ, Julie

Anyone new to this page…..Moriah was given no hope at all at birth. The doctors told my friend, Cheryl, to take her home and let her die. THANK GOD, Cheryl believes God’s Word over man’s. Moriah (which means God is My Teacher) is a JOY and a BLESSING to all who meet her…and she is doing everything that they said she would not do….. Thank You Lord!!

Julie (Received on Friday February 9, 2001)