Miracle Bible

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Love, Miracles, Provision

Another miracle that I’ve witnessed was a friend who had hit financially difficult times. She had her family had depleted all available funds and were at risk of losing everything that they own. I had spoken with her about her problems and prayed that the Lord bless her with a way out of her debts.

One day, shortly after our conversation her husband was coming home from work and saw an object fall of the top of the car in front of him. He stopped to see what it was and found that it was a bible. He looked around and car that the bible had fallen off of was already gone.

He took the bible home to his wife and she began looking for the owner. She tried several time with no luck. Normally a person would give up by now, but clearly this was a bible that was well used. It was old, torn and marked in. She was determined to find the owner.

Finally after about a month the contacted a person related to the owner. They gave her instructions on how to get the church where they worshiped. She drove there that night. When she got there she found a small group of people having bible study. She gladly returned the book explaining how her husband had found it.

Before she could leave, the person leading the bible study mentioned that my friend needed help with her finance. Without wanting details, everyone began digging in their wallets and purses and handed money over to my friend. She gave all her thanks and praised the Lord. When she got home she counted the money and found that it was just enough to send in a payment for her house note, plus a little extra to get a few items that her son wanted. Ask he ye shall receive. The Lord may not answer prayers right when you ask, but he is always on time.

Jackie (Received on Monday May 22, 2000)


Miracle Bible