Life Support

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Answered Prayers

You ain’t gonna believe this. God has stepped in and after a terrible night of planning when to disconnect Nyle from life support, and planning a funeral, I call up at the hospital this morning, they say no change. So I pack a bag, for a long day of sitting in the lobby again, and go on up early, and I walk in the room, and he is AWAKE!! They are working on him, Dr. Koontz tells me they are gonna pull the respirator, Nyle is wiggling his toes and nodding his head when talked to and so I leave the room and when I come back, he is vent free… breathing on his own, and they are getting all sorts of hand squeezes, head nodding and grunts from him, and they get him outa bed and into a chair!!!

Because of the vent in his throat for the last 15 days, he can not really talk, sort of a Darth Vader tone, but he told me he loves me. . . He told me he is thirsty and hungry, he wanted to watch television, and he cried when he saw his brother! He knew who Past! Or Hart was, he knew Pastor Steve, he laughed at Jackie’s sweetie when he told some awful jokes, so we are now in total shock at the turn of events to say the least.

I was within hours of having them shut off the ventilator. And God intervened at the last minute and brought him back to me, he seems absolutely fine mentally, they will still have to do some evaluation, and we have a long long road ahead of us. But the word is, God did a miracle, and the whole ICU area is amazed, so is the information desk in the lobby, we celebrated with DR. Pepper!! There was just too much going against him for him to recover this way, so we know that God made it happen.

Keep praying he recovers soon, there is a lot of physical damage to just about every organ, it all needs to heal. Hopefully soon I can get you a room number and address so you can send him cards and love. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the prayers… the emails.. the help! I will keep you updated as! Things progress. There will be hills and valleys, hopefully more good spots than bad. He is also mad and grouchy, and that is a good sign!

Nyle, Joanie and Jackie (Received on Friday March 9, 2001)


Life Support