The Ship Wreck

by | Jun 7, 1998 | God's Love, Salvation

“Help! We are sinking!”

Far out in the great Pacific Ocean, a little ship, the Helen B. Sterling, was fighting for life in a terrible storm. Waves mountain high were sweeping over her. Water was pouring into her hold, and it seemed impossible to keep the vessel afloat much longer.

Going to his radio cabin, the captain sent out his call for help.

Perhaps it would be heard by someone. There was but little hope, for the ship was hundreds of miles from land, and for all the captain knew, there might be no other ship near enough to hear the call.

The storm grew worse, and the brave sailors realized that the end was near. Again the cry was sent forth, “Help!”

Many miles away the Australian battleship Melbourne was steaming toward home. Suddenly through the air came the despairing cry of the Helen B. Sterling. Immediately the great battleship changed her course and at full speed steamed toward the sinking vessel.

Hours passed. Meanwhile the Sterling, battered by the mighty waves, was rapidly settling down. Would the Melbourne reach her in time? It seemed impossible.

Going to the radio cabin again, the captain sent out this message:

“Can’t last another hour. Waterlogged. Sea sweeping right over us. Clearing boats, but impossible to live in this sea. Farewell!”

Then, back from the captain of the Melbourne came this stirring and beautiful message:

“We are certain to reach you. Keep good heart!”

The captain of the Melbourne kept his word. Just before the Sterling sank, the great battleship drew alongside, and by gallant efforts, transferred the crew of the wrecked vessel across the boiling sea to safety.

Sometimes people are just like the good ship Sterling. Maybe you know some of them. They want to be good, and they struggle with what they know to be wrong. But storms of temptation come, and it seems impossible to resist them.

At such times as these there is but one thing to do. That is, to send out the radio call for help:

“Sinking! Can’t last another hour!”

Jesus will hear. He understands our thoughts afar off (Psalm 139:2) Instantly, He will reply, “I am certain to reach you. Keep good heart!” There is no need to “go under,” no need to give way to wrong. Jesus will save. But be sure to avoid shipwreck by calling Him in time.

God would give up His only Son before He’d give up on you!

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The Ship Wreck