Shattered Life

by | Jun 7, 1998 | Healing, New Life, Spiritual Growth

Not all the broken places in our lives are tragic. In fact, some can become beautiful monuments to hope and redemption. Life Support reader Debbi Neher, from Vancouver, British Columbia, told me a story, based on fact, about how this happened in real life. Here is her letter:

There was a church that was rebuilding and wanted to make a spectacularly beautiful architectural statement, which would stand as a testament to God’s regenerative power. They raised a lot of money and sent away for two massive glass window-walls. However, when the shipment arrived and was opened, they discovered that the glass had been broken in transit and was smashed into thousands of pieces.

What to do? There was nowhere near enough money to replace the glass, and not much time remaining until the new church was to open. At first they decided to accept the loss and throw out the broken glass. “But wait,” someone said. “Maybe we can use it after all. It’s high-quality glass and there’s so much of it…we shouldn’t just throw it out.” So they used it. They built plain walls and painstakingly glued the tiny shards of broken glass to them, where they glittered like diamonds. When word of the magnificent walls was spread, people came from all over to visit the church.

When I heard this story, I prayed that the broken shards of my life could still be made into something beautiful, and I think they have. And best of all, it’s not finished yet!

Brokenness can be redeemed. A church took what was damaged and useless and lovingly made something of beauty with it. Some of the best of human qualities — compassion, understanding, perseverance, faith — are forged on the anvil of pain and tragedy. For love can take what’s shattered and make it beautiful.

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Shattered Life