Scared About Throat Cancer

by | Jun 7, 1998 | Comfort, Encouragement, God Speaks

“On Nov.24, 1993 I was eating breakfast in McDonald`s at 6:30 am….I was killing time before going to my office to turn in some reports and clean out my mail box and etc, as I was to have an operation for throat cancer in two days and I was feeling real low and scared.

A big dump truck drove into the parking lot and a tall black male with grey hair came into the restaurant and I heard him order his food through a mechanical voice box as he had a trachyte in his throat.

We two were the only ones in the restaurant at time, he came all the way across the room and sat down at my table (which seem strange at the time).

After a few moments, I stuck out my hand and said my name is Lee and told him I did not mean to stare, but I was going to have a throat operation in two days and might have the same thing in my throat as he had and I told him I was plenty scared.

What happened next gave me shock…….He said “Augustine, don’t worry everything is going to be just fine, all you have to do is ask the Lord for help!”

Well I just got up and thanked him and left and went home. That afternoon I shouted out “Lord please take care of this, I can’t handle it. And from that day on I have not had a worried in the world…..I guess the thing that shocked me most was that he called me Augustine, which is my first name that I did not use at all (Since that day I use it all the time).”

By Augustine “Lee”


Scared About Throat Cancer