Saved From Three Car Accidents

by | Jun 7, 1998 | Answered Prayers, Protection

I got you hurricane message after chatting with my parents. I forgot to tell you of how God has intervened in my life several times in the past couple days all the same way. He has saved me from, I’d say, THREE car accidents!

One time he had me slow down and pull left and just then a car came around the corner and had crossed over the centre line, just a bit but If I hadn’t of slowed down just a bit and pulled left oh so little, THAT is exactly where I would have been.

Another time I was on my way home from grocery shopping, and feeling a bit rushed I backed up the light sensor to make the light change, I just couldn’t understand why it hadn’t changed already. I sat there waiting for it to change, sure that it would because I definitely ran over the sensor at least twice. The instant the light changed, I saw it, but waited to push the accelerator, and that is when the car ran the red light, EXACTLY where I would have been.

The last one could be just a good judgment call on my part by here goes: I was traveling with my 4 year old in the back to a girlfriends house. I had turn by turn directions. No problem. As I drove on her street looking for her house, I slowed as I passed it. My first thought was back up just 2 feet and you can turn in. Automatically I hurried forward and into the neighbours drive way about 300 feet over. Just then a large, wide soda or water truck drove (flew) down the road. My car is a 4 door Chrysler but it would have folded like a corvette with the power that truck had coming down the hill.

I thanked God right then and there and in the next few days he saved me from the above possible accidents too!”



Saved From Three Car Accidents