by | Jun 7, 1998 | Deliverance, Temptation

A true story

Roger was raised in a wonderful Christian home. His father was a minister in a small town. He was one of five brothers. The brothers were taken to church regularly and were taught to be moral and upright people. They also heard the gospel of Jesus Christ week after week.

Roger’s parents gave him much love and nurturing. He was nice looking and intelligent. Along with his brothers, he had everything he needed, not only to succeed in life, but to be an example and a leader. While serving in Vietnam however, Roger was faced with the temptation of drugs. With one wrong choice, his entire life course was drastically altered. At first it was marijuana, followed shortly by the harder stuff which he eventually began to sell in ever increasing amounts.

Illegal drugs and lots of money drew Roger into a totally different world, one of intercontinental jetting and high rolling friends. He had a home in the U.S. and another in the Caribbean. After years of following this course, this man with a wonderful beginning in life, and now with a beautiful wife and two children, reached the end of his life of pleasure. The drug authorities caught up with him.

He served two years of his forty year sentence and then he escaped. His wife, extremely distraught, died shortly after his incarceration in an automobile accident, and his children, now grown, have been raised by family members. His whereabouts are unknown by his family and he no longer has the pleasure of relationships with any of them, not even his elderly and still grieving parents. The price he paid for a few brief years of pleasure and luxury has been very great.

Life comes with no guarantees. It does, however, come with many opportunities. Some are graced with more opportunities than others. A Christian family and heritage does not guarantee a relationship with Jesus Christ – it does not make you a Christian. Neither does a difficult life or a lack of opportunities prevent anyone from developing a relationship with our Creator. We each make our own choices, and choices determine the course of our lives as well as our final destination.

If you are facing any kind of temptation, whether it is drugs or immorality of any kind, look long and hard at the road that door will lead to. There is another door open to all of us that leads to eternal life. That door is open to you and will bring you blessing both now and eternally.

Contributed by Daphne Harrington.