When Are You Too Old?

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Giving

When asked how it was that she has lived so long, one 91-year-old woman replied, “I think God is testing the patience of my relatives.”

When is “too old”? At what age do we give up? At 100, Grandma Moses was still painting, and Titian painted “Battle of Lepants” when he was 98.

At 93, George Bernard Shaw wrote Farfetched Fables.

At 91, Samon de Valera served as president of Ireland.

At 90, Pablo Picasso still drew and engraved.

At 89, Arthur Rubinstein gave one of his greatest recitals in New

York’s Carnegie Hall, and Pablo Casals, at 88, still performed cello concerts.

At 82, Winston Churchill wrote the four-volume work, A HISTORY OF

THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES, Leo Tolstoy completed I CANNOT BE SILENT, and Goethe, at the same age, finished FAUST.

At 81, Benjamin Franklin engineered the diplomacy which led to the adoption of the US Constitution.

When is one “too old”? Only on the day when we truly have nothing left to give. And the good news is this: that day never has to arrive!

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When Are You Too Old?