We’ve Got the Power

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Miracles, Provision

Praise JESUS for the POWER!

Matthew (my 8 y/o son) and I have come to refer prayer as “the Power”. Recently, his mother, after telling him he could go on vacation to see his Grandmother, abruptly decided that he couldn’t go. I told him not to worry about it because we were going to pray about it and Jesus would take care it for him. Matthew looked up at me and said “yeah, we’ve got the power!”.

So every night we prayed that his mother would have a change of heart and that Jesus would give us the power. This morning we received word that she had had a change of heart.

Matthew said, “Oh yeah! I’ve got the power!” , Dad says “Amen”

Matthew’s 15 m/o sister, Meghan, has been in daycare 2-3 days/ wk. Today, Amie (my wife) dropped her off for a couple of hours to get her nails done. The lady said that she was going to take the kids to the park so that if she wasn’t home when Amie came to pick Meg up they would still be at the park.

Since the park is nearby, Amie assumed that she would be walking to the park with the kids.

When she returned to pickup Meg, they were still at the park. So Amie drove up to the park and was horrified to find all of the kids (3 less than 2 y/o) pilling into her car. Not a single child safety seat was in her car.

I called later to find out what she could had been thinking and was told that “it was only for a short distance….:”

We decided then and there that we would never trust Meghan’s care to this person again. But, how would we find a suitable alternative on such short notice?

Remember the POWER?

We called Meg’s previous provider and she had an immediate opening and could take her tomorrow!

Thank you Jesus for showing us that Meghan’s daycare provider was not to be trusted and that Meghan was unharmed in her care. Thank you Jesus for finding us another provider so quickly.

Most of all….

Thank you Jesus for the POWER!

Duane (Received on Wednesday May 3, 2000)


We’ve Got the Power