Van of Your Dreams

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Responsibility

There is a story of a young man who decided that when he bought his first vehicle it would be the epitome of his dreams. He worked and saved and toiled and dreamed, until finally the day arrived when he was able to purchase his dream machine. It was a van: beautiful, loaded, luxurious; as good as they come; a perfect merging of the engineer’s and designer’s arts. The young man had every right to expect a great deal from this mechanical marvel, and he drove it off the lot with pride and the aura of a man who knows that destiny and determination have conspired to bring about the perfect union.

The next day, however, the beautiful new van came back to the lot on a tow-truck. It was bent and battered, obviously undriveable. Shortly thereafter the livid owner stormed into the salesman’s office, not only demanding a complete refund, but also threatening to sue for medical damages.

“What happened?” Asked the startled salesman.

“I bought your van,” sputtered the young man, “and I drove it out to the interstate to give it a test run. I set the automatic cruise control, went to the back to fix myself a cup of coffee, and it ran off the road!”

I suspect that there is a desire in each of us to put our lives on cruise control. We like to avoid responsibility–we want to sit back, eat, drink and be merry–to enjoy the benefits of the modern world without having to pay much for it.

Thanks to Henk Frijters


Van of Your Dreams