Too Late

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Forgiveness, Reconciliation

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up with a slight headache. It was no big deal, and I expected it to go away. It didn’t. So around 8:30, I took some medicine. By 9:00, my headache was still there, and actually seemed to be getting worse. Puzzled, I picked up the bottle of pain-reliever and looked at the back, where I saw this: EXP 04/98. The medicine was almost two years out of date. Fortunately, in the church medicine cabinet we had some pain-reliever which was dated 01/99 (maybe we need to shop more often), so I took that and soon felt better.

This week I was shopping on-line and just about to enter my order, when I noticed that the rebate on my item had expired the day before. Sadly I closed the window and logged off. I had missed my chance.

Nothing in life is permanent. We hear this in advertising all the time: “Limited time only”; “Snooze you lose”; “Act now”; “This offer won’t last forever”. And while it is true that waiting too long to buy can cost you a few dollars, it is just as true that waiting too long to act can cost you far more than just money.

That person you need to patch things up with…if you can’t find time to do it now, what makes you think you will next month? That favour you promised to do for your spouse…if it gets pushed aside again this week, do you really think you’ll make time for it next week? The time you promised you would spend with God, speaking to him and hearing him speak to you.

Everything in your schedule conspires to keep that one from happening. But if not today, when??

What is the one really important thing you have been putting off? Don’t plan to do it later; after all, later may be too late.

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Too Late