Time to Hurry

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Parenting, Priorities

Igor Stravinsky was a disciplined composer who adhered to a rigid work schedule, carefully laid out in advance. Every minute of the day was taken up by some specific task.

On one occasion, his publisher asked him to hurry the completion of a new work. “I’m sorry,” the composer said. “I haven’t time in my schedule to hurry.”

Our time is valuable. Many people feel that their time is more valuable than their money. And many people realize that they simply do not have time to hurry. They know what is important and they want what precious little time they have to count.

Dr. Howard Hendricks, a family counselor, learned the importance of taking enough time. One evening he asked his grown son what were some of his fondest childhood memories. His son replied,

“Dad, it was the night you fixed my bike.”

Dr. Hendricks could not even remember the evening, so his son recalled it for him. Dr. Hendricks was a university professor at the time. His evenings were often filled with meetings, and one evening in particular, he was rushing home to change clothes for an after-dinner speech he was to give at the school. As he drove up the driveway, he saw his son sitting on the ground beside his bicycle, anxiously waiting for Dad to come home. The handlebars were crooked and the front wheel needed alignment.

For some strange and wonderful reason, the professor asked his wife to call the school and say he would be late. Then he spent the next half hour working with his son on the bike. And though he had forgotten the incident, years later his son still fondly recalled the evening his father took the time — to spend some time — as one of the best of his life.

Our time is precious. Do you really have time to hurry?

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Time to Hurry