The Adopted Son

by | Jun 12, 1997 | God's Love, Sons and Daughters of God

Did you ever hear of Edson Rogers, the son of a wealthy farmer in Virginia? This lad died of wounds in the tragic war between the states. He was a fine specimen of young manhood, and during those hard days of fighting he had met Robert Sawyer. They became bosom pals, enduring much together. Bob was a poor orphan, but Ed came from a well-respected family.

Near the end of the war Edson was mortally wounded. Realizing his life was fast ebbing away, he asked Bob to promise he would go to his parents’ plantation and tell them of their wonderful friendship. But Bob said, “I am only a poor boy, they will not believe me, they will think I am an impostor.” But Ed had thought it all through and had written a letter in a very shaky hand. He gave it to Bob to deliver. Their farewell was sad and sudden.

A few months later the war was over, and Bob timidly made his way to the Rogers mansion. His clothes were shabby, which made things worse. But when he explained his visit and delivered the letter, all was changed. Later, when he started to leave, the father said, “Bob, you must not go. We want you here. Edson was our dearest treasure; he was everything to us. Won’t you come to our home and be a son in his place?”

What an invitation! A poor orphan boy suddenly becoming a son and heir, to be loved and honored in a home of luxury! How did it happen? It was Edson’s name that made the difference.

By Roy Allan Anderson, Signs of the Times, July 1966 (Shared by Dale Galusha) Wit & Wisdom – July 27, 1998


The Adopted Son