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A father was out swimming with his two children in the Atlantic Ocean, when he noticed that the tide was pulling them out to sea. Realizing that his seven-year-old son was not as well a swimmer as his eleven-year-old daughter he said, “Honey, I’m going to take your little brother back to shore and then I’m going to return for you. Remember how I taught you to float on your back? You can float all day if you have to without getting tried.”

The father fought the tide and in a state of exhaustion made it to the shore with his young son. He sounded the alarm and set back out with the lifeguards. Not finding her they continued out to sea in a frantic search. After two hours of looking one of the men spotted a small body floating in the water. It was his daughter still floating on her back.

After they had pulled her into the boat one of the life guards asked her if she got frightened being out in the ocean all by herself. She replied, “I wasn’t afraid. My father told me to float on my back, and he told me that he would return for me. I trusted my father because I knew he loved me and wouldn’t lie.”

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